Ocean of emotion

Some waves toss

Some waves turn

Some waves are still

Some waves roll

Some waves are rocky

Some waves are glassy

Some waves are easy to ride

Some waves dump you high and dry

Some waves you wonder if you will even survive

But all waves pass by

Im learning that whatever type of moment im having, to breath and go for the ride. Somehow it helps me on days and moments when emotions are rocky to think of waves. The good thing about waves is they don’t stay. They come and they go. Some days are really dumpy days full of emotion and I’d rather not have them. I’m learning more and more to take a deep breath at that moment and tell myself I’m ok just ride the wave. Somehow that helps me calm. It doesn’t fix everything and sometimes it actually fixes nothing of the situation but it does help as I’m not using all my energy on fighting the feeling. I think they call that fighting feeling a secondary emotion. Like when i get wound up panicy about the panic. Or angry at the anger. Instead I just let it come and I let it go. That way it doesnt grow. I surf the wave.

The last few months I’ve had some waves doing a bit of crashing and tumbling with stuff going on and this has helped me get through. So hopefully it maybe the slightest of encouragement to you.

Surf the wave, does that make sense?

Just wondering.

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